David Hamp

(206) 639-5206 david.hamp@gmail.com

About Me

I am a back end engineer looking for work in the greater Seattle area.

My career started as a general technology consultant in Anchorage, AK. There, I managed to pick up a large variety of skills before settling into a permanent developer role. Eventually I moved to Seattle and landed a job at Big Fish Games where I worked on back end web services.

I am a lifelong gamer, and I love to spend my free time playing games of all kinds. My dream is to one day work on my own game.


[July 2011 - September 2018]

Sr. Web Developer Big Fish Games

I started out at Big Fish Games working on their LAMP stack website at www.bigfishgames.com. We used a proprietary MVC framework that I helped develop.

For the last four years there, I worked on a suite of Java web services used by the marketing teams to leverage demographic and usage statistics for push message marking of Big Fish’s various games. This included working with frameworks like Dropwizard, and required monitoring and metrics gathering to ensure maximum uptime and performance. Some of the systems had to be capable of processing millions of user records in a timely manner. Most of the services we built used a MySQL datastore, but there were a couple services that used Redis as an in-memory solution.

[2005 - 2011]

Designer/ Developer PangoMedia, Inc.

PangoMedia is an IT Consulting and Application Development shop in Anchorage, AK. They primarily deal in creating custom applications to facilitate specific needs of local business and government agencies.

I wore many hats while working at Pango. I designed websites, wrote technical documentation, and even spent some time as a project manager. Since each of our clients had unique needs and existing technology stacks, I spent a lot of time updating and maintaining a wide variety of code bases. I have brief experience working with C#.NET, ColdFusion, MS SQL Server Management, LDAP system administration, and other odds and ends.

Core Skills

  • Java
  • Dropwizard
  • Mysql
  • Memcached
  • REST service development
  • LAMP stack development
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Package management (Maven, NPM)
  • Version control (SVN, GIT)

Other Skills

  • Linux environment
  • Photoshop
  • C++/C#
  • Go
  • GRPC
  • NodeJS
  • Angular, React, Redux
  • Docker
  • Kafka
  • Redis